Tara Antler

Tara Antler Soul Coach, Energy Healer, IntuitiveNeighbourhood: Toronto, Ontariowww.taraantler.com WHY WE LOVE TARA Tara Antler is an Intuitive Healer, SOUL Coach & Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Author of The Healing Manual, International Speaker, and LOVE-Igniter. She is the Founder of Tara Healing Sanctuary, Your Soul Designed Life Radio-Podcast, Soul Navigationâ„¢ online membership and The Academy ofContinue reading “Tara Antler”

Nigel Walker

Nigel Walker Yoga, Personal Growth, Mindfulness, LeadershipNeighbourhood: Toronto, Ontariowww.nigelwalker.ca WHY WE LOVE NIGEL Nigel Walker is a yoga entrepreneur, personal discovery facilitator, writer, and speaker based in Toronto, Canada. As the creator of Your Truth Online and the Teach Your Truthâ„¢ yoga school, Nigel helps people uncover their personal truth so they can live inContinue reading “Nigel Walker”