We use the power of communications to achieve your business expansion goals.


Business Strategy

Dharma Group conducts the most thorough market research and analysis to position your company to compete on a global field. We work with you to develop a business expansion strategy to grow your reach, impact and demand for your product or services.

Website Development

We develop desktop and mobile responsive custom websites for your brand, business or e-commerce site. You are equipped with a user-friendly content management system so you can easily make changes and updates to your website on your own once it’s built.

Public Relations

We help our clients establish leadership in their domain through media relations, events, speaking engagements, educational platforms, social media and strategic brand partnerships. Through the clarity of your message, we grow brand awareness, and expand your reach and impact.


We are a 360 branding studio bringing exciting concepts to market. We provide complete visual brand design for start-ups and solo-entrepreneurs. We specialize in personal branding and helping you stand out from the crowd and be recognized as a leader in your field.

Digital Media

We specialize in the evolving digital media landscape, focusing on new technologies and social trends to engage fans, tell stories and market new products. We offer commercial production services for video, photography and complete digital assets to support a new brand or marketing campaign.

Business Coaching

With over 12 years working with solo-entrepreneurs, start-ups and private multinational companies, our Chief Strategist Samantha Dumas offers one-on-one business consulting through the Self Actualizer mentorship program. This unique coaching experience helps entrepreneurs find purpose and fulfillment through business expansion.

Case Studies

Klava Z. Beauty

Klava Zykova was a very talented, business savvy, professional make-up artist who wanted to make the transition to being 100% self-employed. 

Together, we engaged in a two-year Brand Expansion Partnership to that involved first making a name for Klava in the new city and then expanding into a profitable, fulfilling and dynamic beauty business.

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Nigel Walker

Nigel Walker was at a point in his yoga career where his schedule was filling up with opportunities to teach classes and facilitate events, but he started questioning whether all these engagements were helping him achieve his full potential.

Together, we engaged in a Brand Expansion Partnership to develop a new 3-year vision for Nigel’s business.

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Samantha could do anything, literally. We’d have a lofty idea and wonder, How on earth can we do this? We asked Sam and she would make it happen.

Adam Miron, Chief Branding Officer & Founder of HEXO

Samantha saw a greater vision for my business than I could even see. And now it’s a reality.

Klava Zykova, Makeup Artist & Educator

Let’s make your vision a reality.

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