Sell the Vision, Instead of Selling Yourself

Dharma Group Founder and Chief Brand Strategist Samantha Dumas shares her tips on how to make networking easier by selling the vision, instead of “selling yourself” One of the most daunting aspects of business is the idea of “selling”. People get nervous in networking environments when they’re put on the spot to give their elevatorContinue reading “Sell the Vision, Instead of Selling Yourself”

What is Dharma?

Dharma Group Founder and Chief Brand Strategist Samantha Dumas explains our intuitive and strategic method to brand positioning. The Dharma Group helps companies initiate periods of growth through an original 4-part analysis to identify what we call the “Dharma” of a company. Dharma is a Sanscrit word meaning “your purpose in action”. Deepak Chopra expandsContinue reading “What is Dharma?”

Client Profile: Brittany Gawley

Brittany Gawley is a Photographer, Educator and Advocate specializing in portrait and documentary photography. Learn more at Situation: Brittany Gawley was a very outgoing, creative and talented photographer with a passion for human and animal rights. She found herself very busy with work coming in, but didn’t feel she was actually moving her missionContinue reading “Client Profile: Brittany Gawley”

Client Profile: Klava Z. Beauty

Klava Zykova is an award-winning makeup artist and one of the most sought-after bridal beauty experts in Ottawa. Learn more at Situation: Klava Zykova was a very talented, business savvy, professional make-up artist who wanted to make the transition to being 100% self-employed. She had just had her first baby and moved to aContinue reading “Client Profile: Klava Z. Beauty”

Tara Antler

Tara Antler Soul Coach, Energy Healer, IntuitiveNeighbourhood: Toronto, WHY WE LOVE TARA Tara Antler is an Intuitive Healer, SOUL Coach & Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Author of The Healing Manual, International Speaker, and LOVE-Igniter. She is the Founder of Tara Healing Sanctuary, Your Soul Designed Life Radio-Podcast, Soul Navigation™ online membership and The Academy ofContinue reading “Tara Antler”

Nigel Walker

Nigel Walker Yoga, Personal Growth, Mindfulness, LeadershipNeighbourhood: Toronto, WHY WE LOVE NIGEL Nigel Walker is a yoga entrepreneur, personal discovery facilitator, writer, and speaker based in Toronto, Canada. As the creator of Your Truth Online and the Teach Your Truth™ yoga school, Nigel helps people uncover their personal truth so they can live inContinue reading “Nigel Walker”

Adele Stratton

Adele Stratton Integrative Manual Therapy, Spiritual Healing, Developmental TraumaNeighbourhood: Ottawa, WHY WE LOVE ADELE Adele Stratton, I.M.T. and Director of the Centre, offers a diversity of treatments, suitable for all clients seeking fundamental healing. It is the intention of the Centre to treat each person as the unique individual that they are, while recognizing their intrinsic and highestContinue reading “Adele Stratton”

Tiffany McKenzie

Tiffany McKenzie Reiki, Meditation & YogaNeighbourhood: Oakville, WHY WE LOVE TIFFANY I am a certified yoga instructor with over 300hrs training in Meditation, Hatha and Restorative yoga. Based in Oakville and serving the Greater Toronto Area, I teach a variety of styles including Hatha, Restorative, Stretch, and Therapeutic/Gentle classes, in studio, corporate or privateContinue reading “Tiffany McKenzie”