Dharma Group is a Brand & Business Expansion that helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs with exceptional growth potential to expand their businesses and achieve their goals. For over 12 years, we have developed and refined our unique Dharma method to identify a company’s highest point of value and use it to rapidly grow the business.

We use the power of communications to achieve your business expansion goals.

Our services include:
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Visual Brand Design
  • Website Development
  • Commercial Photography & Video
  • Product Development
  • Public Relations & Marketing

Samantha Dumas

President, Brand & Business Strategist

Samantha Dumas is a Brand & Business Development Strategist who is known for positioning companies ahead of the curve. She has worked with countless entrepreneurs in the wellness industry and launched multi-million dollar start-ups in some of the most complex and competitive global marketplaces. Her ability to deeply understand the unique value of a business brings clarity, confidence and accelerates business expansion. 

Seeing the highest unique potential in others and helping to express it is the purpose of her life’s work. Samantha is dedicated to living and working through inspired action, and mentors others to do the same. 


Email me: samantha@dharmagroup.ca

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Sell the Vision, Instead of Selling Yourself

Dharma Group Founder and Chief Brand Strategist Samantha Dumas shares her tips on how to make networking easier by selling the vision, instead of “selling yourself” One of the most daunting aspects of business is the idea of “selling”. People get nervous in networking environments when they’re put on the spot to give their elevator…

What is Dharma?

Dharma Group Founder and Chief Brand Strategist Samantha Dumas explains our intuitive and strategic method to brand positioning. The Dharma Group helps companies initiate periods of growth through an original 4-part analysis to identify what we call the “Dharma” of a company. Dharma is a Sanscrit word meaning “your purpose in action”. Deepak Chopra expands…

What is Brand Clarity?

Dharma Group Founder and Chief Brand Strategist Samantha Dumas explains what “Brand Clarity” is and the role it can play in scaling your business. It may sound like a very abstract exercise for most business owners, but establishing Brand Clarity is really about getting clear who you are, what you’re best at, what your goals,…

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