What is Dharma?

Dharma Group Founder and Chief Brand Strategist Samantha Dumas explains our intuitive and strategic method to brand positioning.

The Dharma Group helps companies initiate periods of growth through an original 4-part analysis to identify what we call the “Dharma” of a company. Dharma is a Sanscrit word meaning “your purpose in action”. Deepak Chopra expands on that by describing it as the one thing that you do better than anyone in the history of the world.

Seems like a lofty statement! But, guess what… With over 12 years working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs, start-ups and multi-national companies, we’ve learned that a company’s highest point of value is something new in the world and completely unique to you.

The Dharma Method:

At Dharma Group, we connect the purpose behind your business with the emerging trends of the world. Learn more about our programs.
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