Sell the Vision, Instead of Selling Yourself

Dharma Group Founder and Chief Brand Strategist Samantha Dumas shares her tips on how to make networking easier by selling the vision, instead of “selling yourself”

One of the most daunting aspects of business is the idea of “selling”. People get nervous in networking environments when they’re put on the spot to give their elevator pitch and convince people that their company is worth doing business with.

By shifting the way you talk about your business, you can easily get people interested in your products or services. Instead of “selling yourself”, focus on selling the Vision. People don’t actually care all that much about your success stories and what you’ve done. It’s human nature to care more about where you’re headed.

With a compelling vision for your company, and an elevator pitch that celebrates the success of your clients, customers and your new goals, people will be more open and interested in exploring what you have to offer.

At Dharma Group, we connect the purpose behind your business with the emerging trends of the world. Learn more about our programs.

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