Client Profile: Klava Z. Beauty

Klava Zykova is an award-winning makeup artist and one of the most sought-after bridal beauty experts in Ottawa. Learn more at


Klava Zykova was a very talented, business savvy, professional make-up artist who wanted to make the transition to being 100% self-employed. She had just had her first baby and moved to a new city.

Together, we engaged in a two-year Brand Expansion Partnership to that involved first making a name for Klava in the new city and then expanding into a profitable, fulfilling and dynamic beauty business.

Dharma Discovery:

In the initial Dharma Discovery phase, we uncovered that Klava is exceptionally smart business woman and charismatic educator. We developed a vision for her company that was much bigger than what she could imagine for herself at the time. We saw her as a true educator, putting her professionalism, intelligence and charisma to work in her own industry.

Klava also had a passion for clean beauty, holistic nutrition and wellbeing. We made this a central part of her offering through programs, media and community education.

Brand Expansion Partnership:

Through the Brand Expansion Partnership, we set out to create Klava’s role first among her peers in the local fashion and beauty industry. We hosted a private industry event that promoted her peers and introduced her own vision and mission. With a new website and a focus on bridal beauty packages, Klava began educating online about clean beauty and how to achieve that effortless, natural look. Her platform stood out in a time where the community is inundated with high glam and contoured looks. Klava stayed true to her message that beauty comes from the inside, and makeups job is just to enhance that.

On our mission to grow her business, together we:

  • Created a new visual brand and website with a focus on education, clean beauty and innovative bridal beauty packages,
  • Hosted a private industry event to promote the local fashion and beauty industry,
  • Became an industry thought leader through styled shoots, blogs, social media and editorials,
  • Established a beauty education platform,
  • Won Makeup Artist of the Year,
  • Grew the Klava Z. Beauty team of makeup artists to be able to serve the demand for Klava in the bridal community and scale her business.

Interested in the Brand Expansion Partnership?

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