Client Profile: Brittany Gawley

Brittany Gawley is a Photographer, Educator and Advocate specializing in portrait and documentary photography. Learn more at


Brittany Gawley was a very outgoing, creative and talented photographer with a passion for human and animal rights. She found herself very busy with work coming in, but didn’t feel she was actually moving her mission forward or attracting the more meaningful opportunities that would be fulfilling to her.

Together, we engaged in a Brand Expansion Partnership to that involved channeling Brittany’s passion for change and advocacy into her work as a photographer, and setting out into the world with a clear vision and mission to guide her business decisions and activities.

Dharma Discovery:

In the initial Dharma Discovery phase, we zeroed in on the fact that Brittany was “Shooting for a Better World”, and that became the vision statement to guide our brand expansion plan. We defined her ideal projects and clients as ones that are making a difference in the world. A former school teacher, we defined what it means for Brittany to be an educator in her greater business community today.

Brand Expansion Partnership:

Through the Brand Expansion Partnership, we set out to create and attract higher value opportunities for photographer, advocacy partnerships and education. We did this by getting clear on Brittany’s purpose and better communicating the vision for her project ideas to potential client opportunities and partners. With such a vivacious personality and wide social network, we saw an opportunity for Brittany to explore brand partnerships with Nikon and also take the lead in her community by hosting events and seminars.

To bring the greater vision for her business to life, together we:

  • Created a new visual brand and website with a focus on her mission to create a better world,
  • Created a vision for a “Shooting for a Better World” youth educational series that would open the doors to brand partnerships and speaking opportunities,
  • Defined new education offerings and photography packages,
  • Executed an Opportunity Creation strategy that involved booking face to face meetings with agencies in multiple cities to present Brittany’s vision for “Shooting for a Better World”. This garnered a number of new, high value work opportunities and support for her mission.

In the end, Brittany had a clear idea of what to say Yes to and what to turn down. She was able to prioritize and pursue high value opportunities that were in line with her greater mission and most fulfilling goals.

Interested in the Brand Expansion Partnership?

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