Client Profile: Nigel Walker

Nigel Walker is a Yoga Entrepreneur, Personal Discovery Facilitator, Writer & Speaker living in Toronto, Canada. Learn more at


Nigel Walker was at a point in his yoga career where his schedule was filling up with opportunities to teach classes and facilitate events, but he started questioning whether all these engagements were helping him achieve his full potential. He had recently moved cities and wanted to reset on priorities.

Together, we engaged in a Brand Expansion Partnership to develop a new 3-year vision for Nigel’s business. One that would leverage his highest unique value and put him on a path to achieving his greatest potential.

Dharma Discovery:

In the initial Dharma Discovery phase, we uncovered the incredible gift that Nigel has in facilitating live event experiences that bring out the “truth” in everyone. In a time when the yoga community is touting “Yoga is for Everyone”, Nigel was really living it by bringing together diverse crowds, people who may have felt shy or like outsiders, and have them start to connect and express the most authentic versions of themselves.

We identified ways that Nigel could express this unique gem of his work even more through his visual brand, marketing and offerings. Nigel could finally put words to what made his yoga experiences so special.

This new clarity also gave Nigel the confidence to take a leadership role in business partnerships that would expand his events and yoga teaching program to new cities.

Brand Expansion Partnership:

Through the Brand Expansion Partnership, we worked together to develop an expansion plan for Nigels business that included a significant increase in overall revenue. The plan involved strengthening current offerings to more tightly align with Nigel’s “dharma” and also introducing new, very aligned ways to serve his community. Together we:

  • Created a new visual brand to tie together the “truth” theme to all programs,
  • Established a Vision for the Your Truth Online yoga community, setting Nigel up to expand his impact, take ownership of his business without a physical studio, and offer more online programming,
  • Brought the Teach Your Truth yoga teaching program to new cities,
  • Created keynote speeches and opened up to new speaking engagements,
  • Established a leadership coaching practice,
  • Opened Glow Yoga event up to new cities, sponsors and partners.

Interested in the Brand Expansion Partnership?

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