What is Brand Clarity?

Dharma Group Founder and Chief Brand Strategist Samantha Dumas explains what “Brand Clarity” is and the role it can play in scaling your business.

It may sound like a very abstract exercise for most business owners, but establishing Brand Clarity is really about getting clear who you are, what you’re best at, what your goals, mission and vision are… The funny thing is, once you are absolutely clear on your brand and unique value, the clients and opportunities that align with your company’s true strengths and goals start showing up.

Maybe it’s because you’ve done a better job broadcasting who you are to the marketplace. Or maybe you’re just better at spotting what’s a fit for you. Either way, once a Brand Clarity exercise is done, you’ll discover you’ve moved miles toward the greater vision you have for growing your business.

At Dharma Group, we take Brand Clarity a few steps further. We connect the purpose behind your business with the emerging trends of the world. Click here to learn more about our unique Dharma Discovery method.

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Sell the Vision, Instead of Selling Yourself

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What is Dharma?

Dharma Group Founder and Chief Brand Strategist Samantha Dumas explains our intuitive and strategic method to brand positioning. The Dharma Group helps companies initiate periods of growth through an original 4-part analysis to identify what we call the “Dharma” of a company. Dharma is a Sanscrit word meaning “your purpose in action”. Deepak Chopra expandsContinue reading “What is Dharma?”

Client Profile: Brittany Gawley

Brittany Gawley is a Photographer, Educator and Advocate specializing in portrait and documentary photography. Learn more at http://www.brittanygawley.com. Situation: Brittany Gawley was a very outgoing, creative and talented photographer with a passion for human and animal rights. She found herself very busy with work coming in, but didn’t feel she was actually moving her missionContinue reading “Client Profile: Brittany Gawley”

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